A bedroom is more than a place to sleep…it is a space in which you can “kick back” and relax.  Everyone has a different approach to achieving that.  Here are some design ideas to consider.


Wallpaper…an old favorite…is making a comeback.  Decorating with wallpaper is an easy way to bring a unique look to the room.

Shop purposely for accessories.  Select different types of items and colors.  Create a fun, whimsical atmosphere.

If you want a peaceful atmosphere decorated with muted, soothing colors.  Light purples, creams, and soft greens are good choices.

Add fresh flowers for a natural touch.

Consider adding elements that allow you to multi-task.  Chairs, floor lamps, desks are all items that encourage spending more time in the room.

Add conveniences like a mini fridge or coffee maker.

Invest in a custom headboard and bedding to make the room truly your own.

Change the look periodically.  Nothing says you need to keep the room the same all the time.


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