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In the quiet foothills of East Tennessee, England Furniture has been crafting quality upholstered furniture since 1964. Co-founded by father Charles and brothers Eugene and Dwight England, their goal was to employ the proud and hardworking people of Appalachia. Today, the company and legacy they built continues to be recognized for the highest quality and the shortest build cycle.

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Using a combination of computerized technology, superior wood, heavy gauge springs, and excellent design England Furniture products are built to last.

England utilizes interlocking construction to ensure maximum durability. Computer routers are used to make sure every frame is cut to exact specifications.

At Hampton Furniture we know that our customers deserve furniture that will last a lifetime. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best technology available, ensuring top of the line quality and furniture that will last.

The longevity of a piece of upholstered furniture all starts with the frame. England offers a lifetime frame warranty on every piece they build. They build their frames from 3/4 and 7/8 inch frame grade plywood, reinforced with hardwood. This is the kind of quality we value here at Hampton Furniture.

All England frames are cut by one of fourteen computerized routers.  This sophisticated equipment allows them to cut with precision and build reference points into the frame. Whenever possible, England designs their frames with interlocking joints, adding to their superior strength.

England Furniture was founded in 1964 with a mission to create manufacturing jobs where they were needed most, in America. Today, all their items are manufactured right in the foothills of East Tennessee. England has grown since then, with over 1,000 people as part of their team.

As demand for American-made furniture remains strong, companies can continue expanding and hiring skilled craftsmen and women, as well as corporate staff. Investing in a piece of furniture made in the USA is a statement that helps American companies keep their operations in the States. Recently, England Furniture announced that 200 jobs would be added to their company in the coming year as a result of strong growth.

Designed for your comfort, England’s patented coil enhanced foam cushions bring foam and coils together to create a cushion which is comfortable and resilient. This cushion features 9 spring coils embedded in the foam core of the cushion, with two 24 lb. foam sections attached to the top and bottom of the core section. This technology combines the luxury comfort of a regular foam cushion with the support and durability of steel coils. Each cushion has 9 steel coils at the center, which means a minimum of 27 coils per sofa.  This is the kind of innovation we value at Hampton Furniture!

The coil-enhanced cushion can withstand the wear and tear of children and everyday life while still providing a comfortable place to sit, but if comfort is all you desire, England has cushions for that as well.


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